Let’s be frank – most digital agencies’ approach to B2B lead generation is a bit like taking a walk through the forest, shaking a few random trees and holding thumbs that you end up with enough apples for a pie. This process is scattered, ineffective and frankly a little ridiculous – we all know apples grow in orchards, and the chances that you will encounter some growing in the wild is as slim as running into the entire cast of Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood while you’re at it.

At Lime Juice Communication we don’t believe in hedging our bets or waiting for leads to fall into our lap, which is why we follow the following ‘good apple’ approach to B2B lead generation:

We plant our own seeds

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While a lot of people believe that social media is only effective in generating B2C leads, we are convinced that it can also be used to draw valuable B2B leads into your sales funnel. Think of it as planting your own apple seeds – not every seed will take, but when it does and you nurture it carefully, it has the potential to grow into a lucrative leads tree that could bear fruit for years to come. That being said – we don’t simply throw our metaphorical apple seeds into the air and hope they land on fertile ground; we use a focused approach and choose both our platforms and messages with care.

We use plenty of mulch and entice a few honeybees

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Next we take our time to nurture the seeds we have planted with plenty of rich, insightful content that generates organic traffic and bolsters our reputation as an online authority – the digital equivalent of making sure that your soil is fed with mulch and your little seedlings are pollinated by friendly honeybees.

We source directly from reputable orchards

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While we’d all like to have the luxury of growing our own apples, sometimes you need to bake some pies in a hurry. In this instance we like to go straight to the source. Direct engagement can be tricky – we like to create suitable content that generates reactions in the form of comments, and then we use those comments to engage with prospective B2B leads directly. This kind of engagement leads to conversations, which has the potential to lead to meetings.

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How did you like them apples? Get in touch with Lime Juice Communication today for an obligation-free discussion on how we can fill your B2B leads bushel to the brim.