At Lime Juice Communication, we dig digital. In fact, if we didn’t reign-in our enthusiasm regarding all the ways a sound digital strategy could make your brand an online lead-generating machine, we run the risk of becoming the marketing equivalent of Leslie Knope, waxing lyrical about waffles and working through the night to colour-code our Parks & Rec reference material.

Before we veer completely off point, here are a few ways in which a sound digital strategy could make your brand magnetic:

It gives your boat a rudder

In this day and age, a brand without a digital strategy is afloat without a rudder. A strategy allows you to put in place clear, strategic goals your company needs to achieve (e.g. gaining customers or building lasting relationships with existing customers), allocate sufficient resources to these goals and use analytics to keep track of how you’re doing in terms of achieving said goals.

You get to know Tom, Dick & Harry

Your customers no longer need to be faceless strangers – the Tom, Dick and Harry of yesteryear. The implementation of a proper digital strategy will allow you to gather invaluable data on how your customers think, act and engage with your product or service. Gathering this kind of data and knowing how to capitalise on it is one of the greatest advantages of going strategic.

Even the start-ups can play

A business no longer needs a marketing budget the size of a small country’s annual deficit to gain market share. If you optimise, capitalise on content, focus sufficient energy on brand development, use social media to your advantage and keep a close eye on your ORM (Online Reputation Management), even a small to medium-sized enterprise can play in the big leagues. The key is to get the right team in place to help you achieve these goals.

It allows you brand to pull instead of push

When all the aspects of a digital strategy come together harmoniously, it results in a ‘pull approach’, whereby your business is able to respond to and predict emerging customer interests, rather than a ‘push approach’, which simply broadcasts a generic message to a faceless audience. Pulling is much subtler and results in a far greater ROI (return on investment).

These are just a few of the reasons why a great digital strategy should be at the top of your list if you want to elevate the perception of your brand. Would you like to know more about the singular magic of an expertly plotted digital strategy? Get in touch so we can let you in on the secrets of making your brand magnetic.