Digital marketing, the future approaches

In today’s modern era technology is rapidly advancing in all aspects of business, social and personal life. With a cellphone in your pocket, a laptop on your desk and a tablet or iPad in your bag, its undeniable that majority of our day to day rituals are influenced and driven by this technology. With platforms dedicated to informing and communicating, sharing and entertaining it becomes difficult to find the cons, and if they are found they are vastly outweighed by the pros.

Marketing online may seem like a daring task, but with hundreds of social media platforms and search engine platforms – each one offering a direct reach to specific customers – it’s not as difficult as it may first appear to be. Given the advantage

Narrowing down a long list of methods, techniques, tips and tricks to target specific audiences is essential to successful online marketing. As 2019 comes to an end, tech companies continue to one-up themselves and provide better and better opportunities for your brand and content to be viewed and appreciated. Although this continues to be done through apps such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube all of these platforms continue to revolutionise.

Personalized Involvement
According to Forbes “2020 is going to be the year of personalised marketing,”. The internationally renowned magazine, with an exemplary marketing strategy, is of the view that personally-relevant marketing is more efficient as it is appreciated more by audiences. The content used in this style of marketing tends to be more captivating and interactive and thus allows for more customer-perceived involvement and positive feedback. With tomorrow’s entrepreneurs, businessmen and women all technologically inclined, today’s businesses need a modern solution to staying on track and ‘cool.’

Interactive Social Media
With the ability to shop, browse and entertain yourself from the comfort of your couch an interactive website or social media post proves to be the most engaging. Think polls, surveys and quizzes when it comes to this online marketing element. With a more engaging and captivating feed people will spend more time exploring your brand as well as invite their friends to do the same.

Content Marketing
As you may have heard, content is king, and this is no ploy. Being able to provide interesting and informative content gives brands the upper hand on conquering the digital world. With better smartphones and other smart tech rolling out every store and into our hands, content couldn’t be engaged in a more appropriate and transformative way. With a digital marketing strategy based on content, members of the community can engage and play a significant role in in boosting your reach.

When it comes to the type of content to use its advisable to put a strong emphasis on quirkiness, knowledge and in-your-face information that has the ability to capture your audience. Even if the content is brief or stays online for a short period of time, it will generate interest if it sparks people’s curiosity. This is mostly attributed to the FOMO (fear of missing out) phenomenon which drives society these days. When people experience FOMO they will remain on the lookout for your next post. This in turn will incite them to follow you and remain updated and informed about your product or brand.