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The digital age has made data an integral part of any organisation – and for good reason! A data-driven culture not only encourages organisations and individuals to make educated decisions but also improves business processes. Data also helps predict future trends and behaviour and can even help identify new revenue-generating strategies. With a deep appreciation and understanding of the advantages of databases for the business world, Lime Juice Communications now also offers customised database development.

Database Development

Simply databases are structured to facilitate the storage, retrieval, modification, and deletion of data in conjunction with various data-processing operations.

There are multiple uses for customised databases, which are equally helpful for companies and individuals. They can store unlimited amounts of information (data) efficiently and safely; end-users can also access them.

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Customised databases are also more straightforward to keep updated; they are developed to make adding, correcting or deleting data fast and simple.

Databases can be developed to any required size and specifications. Some are used simply for storage and record-keeping, while others have more complex functions, including for observation purposes, Applications and real-time analytics.

What is database development?

Customised database development is somewhat complex. It involves numerous steps – from studying a company’s domain and projects and creating essential formats to implementing and managing the new data collection. The end result is structured data held in compatible software within computers and/or networks that can perform certain functions more proficiently and accessible at the click of a mouse.

Why consider Database Development?

A data-driven culture cannot blindly follow numbers crunched by data; instead, it should promote collaboration between departments within organisations. With a comprehensive database, entities within a company can use the insights gained from data analytics as a platform for decision-making, problem-solving and cooperation. 

Types of Databases Developed by Lime Juice:

  • Distributed database;

  • Personal database;

  • Centralised database;

  • Commercial database;

  • NoSQL database;

  • Relational database;

  • Operational database;

  • End-user database.

Benefits of outsourcing Database Development Services:

Outsourcing Database Development to Lime Juice can earn you significant revenue in terms of excellent quality data arrangement and maintenance that will satisfy your customers. Database Development Services help you find and achieve the best options for collecting, accessing, managing, analysing, processing, and disbursing data without compromising your database environment’s security, functionality, and performance. This leads to better accountability, transparency, consistency, cost savings and possibly even higher revenue.

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At Lime Juice, our data development experts are well-versed and highly skilled in this form of IT development. This enables us to offer comprehensive Data Development services. Our main objective in providing this service is to instil a data-driven culture in the business world. This enables organisations to reshape their business landscape in line with modern trends.