Custom Digital Illustrations

Never being one to become stagnant, Lime Juice Communications has expanded its portfolio and now offers one of the trendiest, most valuable and sought-after digital services of the 21st century – Custom Digital Illustrations.

As digital design specialists who create brand stories and conversation starters, we understand visuals’ profound, long-term impact on the human mind. We know that when used appropriately, digital graphics and illustrations are undoubtedly one of the most powerful mechanisms for rich storytelling and marketing. The short biological explanation for this is that the human brain processes visuals faster than words, which translates into your target audience better understanding your brand’s content. The results are improved interaction and engagement between a brand and its target market, leading to every company’s ultimate goal – more business and more profits.

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Lime Juice Communication has a talented team of digital artists, illustrators and graphic designers ready to take your next project from meh to marvellous! Get in touch with us today for an obligation free discussion, and we’ll match your creative brief with the perfect Lime Juice Illustrator.

Our in-house digital illustrators are known as digital imagery magicians. In the same way, traditional artists use pen and ink or paint and a brush, the Lime Juice digital artistry department creates masterpieces with a stylus and a tablet. These unique, customised works of art can be used on all digital platforms as well as in traditional marketing fundamentals such as brochures and flyers, to name a few.

Lime Juice Communications is proud to be the only digital marketing agency in the Lowveld to offer this novel service with unlimited colours, styles, brushes, blends, and shades. This ensures that everything we create in this regard is not only customised but wholly original and unique. In fact, the only boundaries that our illustrators face when it comes to what they can create is the human imagination. Whatever our clients dream, we can achieve with just our stylus and tablet in hand.

You dream it, we draw it. Digitally!