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Good content always has an objective, it's created with intent.

Words are tools. You can use words like a hammer, a harpoon, a hole-punch or a harp. The trick lies in knowing when to whisper and when to shout, when to instruct and when to cajole. And that’s when you’re speaking.

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When it comes to written web content, there are a whole lot of other factors that come into play – search term frequency, plagiarism VS appropriation, the AIDA principle and a whole bunch of other wordy things that can confuse the living daylights out of even the most tech-savvy business owner.

Let’s be honest. You don’t have the time to get into all of that. This is why Lime Juice Communication went out and sourced some of the best wordsmiths in the biz. These linguistic guns for hire are quick on the trigger and ready to whip up some exciting online content that will give your business the voice it deserves. So whether you are looking for some fresh website content, a guest blog or two or a full force social media campaign with all the written bells and whistles, we are ready to supply it. Contact us to discuss your online content needs and let’s turn up the volume on your brand!

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Sort of like Shakespeare... for Search Engines.