Having your business’ social media done on the fly by someone whom a) you actually employ to do something else, b) is related to you and needs to be kept busy, or c) is a self-described ‘jack of all trades’ with ‘many irons in the fire’ is a lot like opting to bake a kid’s birthday cake the evening before the party, with only a Pinterest inspiration picture as guidance. Here’s how that normally turns out…

Here are 5 good reasons why you should get a professional to take care of your social media:

  1. You have other things to focus on: Your social media person should be a self-motivated individual or team that schedules a single content meeting per month (of no longer than an hour), and then presents you with a fully-fledged content schedule that you can check and sign off.
  2. Someone has to engage with your readership: See point 1. Once that content is signed off, someone needs to load and schedule it, and then keep track of engagement on those posts. Questions need to be answered, likes have to be liked, retweets should to be acknowledged. See how it quickly becomes a full-time job?
  3. There has to be a strategy: A business’ social media strategy should hinge off its overall marketing strategy, i.e. contribute to the success thereof, not detract from its effectiveness by confusing the overall message or (worst-case scenario) throw fuel on some unintended online fire.
  4. Keyboard warriors are a real thing and they can make a stink really: The internet can be a strange place. Relative anonymity leaves disgruntled customers free to air their grievances for everyone to see. Additionally, there might be someone out there who gets supremely offended by your choice of font or the picture that accompanies your post for a reason as seemingly inconsequential as ‘this cheese platter is not representative of our country’s current ceramic aesthetic’. No kidding. People go off the rails. This is why you have to be sure that you have eyes and ears on your social platforms at all times. A quick turnaround on grievances and affronts makes it way easier to deal with this sort of interaction. We call it ORM, or online reputation management.
  5. If it looks cool, it gets shared: When you collaborate with a professional social media content provider, they will normally supply you with images, taglines and even videos (if your budget allows) that have been tailored for an online audience. The better these are, the more it’ll get shared, the more digital traction you will enjoy, and the more brand recognition will be generated.

There you have it –  five reasons why you should simplify your life and immediately hand over those social media responsibilities to a dedicated professional who has the time and know-how to turn these channels into lead-generating tools for your business. Keen to know more about what exactly this would entail? Get in touch so we can schedule an obligation-free chat about what your business needs and how we can help you to achieve your digital marketing goals.