With a new decade comes new innovations, approaches and designs. From cars and buildings to apps and webpages, all are undergoing reform to accommodate an advancing civilization that has a contemporary thirst to discover new and improved means of life.

When it comes to web design in 2020 there really isn’t a right or wrong way but rather a ‘whichever way you can think and suits your brand’ type of vibe. The possibilities are endless, the colour pallets immense with shapes, patterns and styles which are only limited to our creative bursts of imagination. As technology advances, doors of opportunities are beginning to open, leading through to innovations and introductions to 3D designs and a more interactive approach to web browsing.

When designing a webpage numerous attributes come in to play. Style is undoubtedly the most critical of all as it must be representative of your brand or product. Whether it’s minimalistic, dual screen set-up, inverted colour schemes, exaggerated text or floating elements, the look and feel of your site needs to ‘speak your brand’. Captivating content, levels of formality, visibility of text and user experience are other aspects which need to be taken into account. Keeping these hip and up to date, within the limits of your Corporate Identity, is key to a successful webpage, especially in 2020 and beyond.

Dark Mode
With YouTube, Instagram and other platforms already offering users the option to switch between dark and normal modes, this is likely to soon become a trend in website design. Dark mode enables users to switch the background of their webpages and apps to a darker and easier on the eyes design. Using design elements, dark mode contrasts the content of a page allowing elements to be more exaggerated and pop while appearing more modern and sophisticated.

As dark mode evolves it paves the way for other switchable colour schemes which users will be to set to their own preferences. This will allow website browsing to be tailormade for an individual which in turn will benefit your brand as users are likely to linger on your site longer because they can view it in their chosen manner thus making it more enjoyable for them.

3D Graphic elements
As 3D elements have recently become more accessible and less costly to use, with creators no longer needing NASA grade equipment, webpages using this style are all the rage. These elements create a more immersive experience which is optimal in terms of display and visual properties. Surveys also indicate that using 3D elements on a website encourages users to stay longer on it as 3D artworks captivate and arouse a user’s attention and inquisitiveness.

Symmetrical, linear designs are out! Hand drawn illustrations and graphics are in and highly sought after these days. The latter create a more homemade, humanity-based atmosphere which is relatable to users. They also project a brand in a warm, caring, more approachable which encourages users to want to be a part of your brand.

Playing with layers, text sizes and contextual elements within your webpage allows designers to personalise a webpage to resemble a style that perfectly reflects a brand’s personality and approach to customers. Colour schemes portraying moods, 3D designs immersing users into a world created especially for your brand allows users to experience what you truly have to offer.

Website design experts Lime Juice Communications have optimal knowledge, creativity and experience to create a unique and trendy website that not only suits your brand identity but fits in beautifully with the way-of-the-world.